Bridal Showers

  1. May Your Life Be As Filled With Happiness As Your Hearts Are Filled With Love
  2. From Miss To Mrs. All The Best Wishes
  3. Heart Full Of Love, Spoon Full Of Kisses Here's To The Mr. And Mrs.
  4. Happiness to
  5. Hearts full of love
  6. Joy and love (Mary and John)
  7. Like happiness and love, May you always go hand in hand
  8. Life's best to both of you
  9. May this be the beginning of all your dreams come true
  10. May your future bring lots of happiness your way
  11. Many happy days ahead
  12. May all your wishes come true
  13. On a very special day
  14. Showers of wishes for (names)!
  15. The first day of your life together
  16. Showers of good wishes to (names)
  17. Best wishes for a life time od happiness
  18. Be happy today, Tomorrow and Always
  19. Happiness forever!
  20. Coming your way, This wish with warm affection
  21. God Bless your marriage
  22. Especially for you

Baby Shower

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  1. A gift from above a little baby [boy or girl] to love
  2. Diapers and pins, Now the full begins
  3. Pink or Blue we'll welcome you
  4. Cute little hands, soft soft feet, a little baby boy/girl is a wonderful treat
  5. Sun and moon and stay above shower good wishes to ____ with love
  6. A precious girl /boy from up above is coming soon for us to love
  7. We wish you love
  8. To Welcome the new baby
  9. Happiness is when TWO become THREE!
  10. We thought of pink, We thought of blue, Thank heaven we got you
  11. Welcome little one
  12. We'll hear the patter of little feet
  13. Welcome baby
  14. Boy or Girl, Toy after Toy, Wishing you a happy and healthy, bundle of joy
  15. Welcome bundle of happiness
  16. A special delivery for (name)
  17. Roses are pink, Violets are blue, this is a shower for baby and you
  18. Come Out, Come Out, Who ever you are!
  19. (Twins) Double blessings, Double joys, Twice the fun and twice the noise!
  20. (Twins) Diaper's and bottle's Rattles and pins Double the trouble and good luck with your twins
  21. Maybe pink, Maybe blue, One thing is for sure, A Baby is Due!
  22. (Triples) Diapers and bottles, Rattles and balls Triple the trouble and good luck with them all
  23. Best wishes for all your future plans
  24. Congratulations on your accomplishment
  25. Hooray you made it!
  26. Look out world here I come!
  27. Many happy days ahead


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  1. Best Wishes for a Great Future
  2. Best Wishes for all your future plans
  3. Be Happy Today, Tomorrow and Always
  4. Congratulations on this proud moment in your life
  5. Happiness is Retirement
  6. Happiness always on the other said of the hill
  7. Lazy days ahead
  8. Live it up!
  9. Many happy days ahead
  10. Mary, The best is yet to come
  11. May your future bring lots of happiness your way
  12. Retirement is just the beginning
  13. Thanks for a job well done
  14. The second half cane be the better half
  15. To the Good life
  16. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life
  17. 25 Wonderful years!
  18. Wishing you much happiness

Happy Birthday

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  1. Happiness is being 39 and holding
  2. 40 Forty isn't old if you're a tree
  3. Lordy Lordy ____ is turning forty
  4. Fifty is nifty
  5. Foxy forty
  6. Happy Birthday for the gang

House Warming

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  1. A new home, A new place for all your dream to grow
  2. Best wishes
  3. Congrats on your new home
  4. Bring joy and happiness
  5. Happiness is a new tee-pee
  6. Home Sweet Home
  7. Many happy days ahead
  8. We're wishing you all your favorite things
  9. Happiness forever!


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  1. Believe in yourself, We all do!
  2. Be happy today, Tomorrow and Always!
  3. Because you mean so much to us
  4. Bring joy and happiness
  5. Congrats on your success!
  6. Dream on!
  7. Enjoy your day!
  8. Give thanks
  9. Go fly a kite
  10. Going up

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